Non-Flammable Surface Primer

OBEX CORTEX 0787FR Non-Flammable Surface Primer is an innovative and highly effective synthetic primer, specifically designed to prepare and stabilise porous construction substrates. This solvent-based primer is ready to use and is an essential component for achieving a strong, long-lasting bond when using OBEX CORTEX Paste or Contact Adhesive.

The primer has been certified for quality and effectiveness, making it a safe and reliable option for priming substrates on all buildings.

This high-performance primer is ideal for use on a range of porous substrates with its unique formulation ensuring optimal membrane adhesion to the substrate, providing a strong, permanent bond.

Typical Uses;

  • For priming porous construction substrates prior to the use of OBEX CORTEX Paste or Contact Adhesive

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  • Solvent Based Solvent Based
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Product Specs


4 litre


20m² per tin

Application Temperature

5°C - 25°C

Storage Temperature

15°C - 25°C

Shelf life

12 months

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionSizeBox Quantity
10.0787.001OBEX CORTEX 0787FR Non-Flammable Primer4 litre1

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