0806 Kit

Big Bucket Installer Kit

OBEX CORTEX Big Bucket Installer Kit includes the tools needed to prepare and install our CORTEX Membrane Systems smoothly and correctly.  The Big Bucket has also been designed to carry 24 x 600ml Paste Adhesive foils and a Paste Adhesive gun, providing a safe and simple means of carrying them around on-site.

This 15 litre industrial-quality Big Bucket Installer Kit includes;

  • OBEX CORTEX 0806 Big Bucket
  • OBEX CORTEX 0813 Paste Adhesive Gun
  • OBEX CORTEX 0803 EPDM Silicone Roller 45mm
  • OBEX CORTEX 0804 Membrane Cutting Shears
  • OBEX CORTEX 0809 Paste Adhesive Spreader
  • OBEX CORTEX 0810 Contact Adhesive Application Brush



  • The Big Bucket can also carry 24 x 600ml Paste Adhesive foils, plus the Paste Adhesive gun.
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