As part of our ongoing quest to challenge the status quo with revolutionary solutions for the façade market, Obex are proud to launch the Fire Rated Sealing System. The Cortex Fire Rated Sealing System covers every sealing scenario against water and air ingress in façades and commercial glazing scenarios where the highest levels of fire resistance are necessary.

One Step Closer

Our core range has been designed to service the immediate requirements of contractors with products engineered to the highest standards, whilst our team continue to develop and expand this range to offer an extensive Fire Rated solution.

• A core range designed for multiple project requirements.

• Already being installed in major projects around the world

• Full technical specification and samples available

One Step Closer
Fire Rated Range

Future-proof your build with Cortex

Cortex 0220FR Non-Combustible Breather Membrane A2 (EN 13501-1)

Designed to meet the highest levels of fire protection, Non-Combustible Breather Membrane can withstand the harshest of weather conditions whilst achieving class A2 (EN13501-1). The structure is made from fibreglass cloth impregnated with a polymer composition to form a membrane which is waterproof, vapour-permeable and non-combustible. It can be laid directly onto sheathing board or insulation and is suitable for façades with open or closed joints.

Cortex UV Façade Tape and Cortex Double-Sided Acrylic Tape

Cortex UV Façade Tape is a Black single-sided acrylic tape with a high UV resistance and excellent bonding properties. Cortex Double-Sided Acrylic Tape has a high ageing resistance and excellent bonding properties with a very high-performance adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. Developed for joining Cortex Non-Combustible Breather Membrane.

Cortex 0200FR A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1) Non-Combustible Vapour Barrier Membrane

Our new Cortex® 0200FR Non-Combustible Vapour Barrier Membrane combines a flexible, textured surface with maximum bond strength. It provides an airtight and weathertight seal on construction projects. The non-combustible surface achieves A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1) fire rating.

Cortex 0901FR Fire Rated Pre-Moulded Corner

Cortex 0901FR External Pre-Moulded Corner provides a 100% weathertight seal with easy application for difficult corner details. Easy to cut down to suit your window projections. Pack Quantity: 40/box.

Cortex 0771FR B-s1,d0 (EN13501-1) Fire Rated Paste Adhesive

Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive is a high-quality, elastic, one-component paste adhesive for bonding Cortex Fire Rated Membranes. The adhesive is very easy to apply and achieves a very good bond to most common building substrates. Cortex 0771FR achieves class B-s1,d0 (EN13501-1).

Cortex 0500FR B-s3,d0 (EN13501-1) Fire Rated Vapour Barrier Membrane

Cortex 0500FR is a flame-retardant flexible membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide an airtight and weathertight seal on construction projects. It has a textured surface on both faces to ensure maximum bond strength is achieved. Cortex 0500FR achieves class B-s3,d0 (EN13501-1), is highly UV resistant, watertight and airtight.

Case Study

Case Study: Thames Quarter

Thames Quarter consists of 315 two and three bedroom apartments in a 12 storey and 23 storey building. Obex Protection is supplying our Cortex 0500FR Membrane and Cortex 0771FR Paste from our Fire Rated Sealing System.

Client: Precision Facades Ltd

Location: Kings Meadow Road, Reading

Products: Cortex 0500FR Membrane and Cortex 0771FR Paste Adhesive

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