Speedster Custom Printed Protection Tape…

Get noticed back on site with our Custom Printed Protection Tape! If you are already purchasing the Speedster Taping System, we can get your Speedster Tape custom printed too! It’s the perfect solution to advertise your company whilst protection your finished good in storage or transit. Benefit from our FREE artwork visuals service Follow these… Read More

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One Product to cover all surfaces…

One Product

Cortex Liquid Peelable Protection, perfectly suited to protect! Cortex Liquid Peelable Protection forms a durable protective skin to protect expensive glazing systems, eliminating the costly process of replacing damaged glazing. Watch the video to see for yourself! Call the Obex team on 02 4869 1932 or email us to discuss your requirements

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The Ultimate Protection for Glass

The Ultimate Protection for your Glass

Ideal for protecting your goods during installation and transportation A low tack polyethylene protection film with a solvent-based acrylic adhesive system. Ideal for protection of many smooth surfaces including glass and double-glazed units. View the Glass Protection range here > Call the Obex team on 02 4869 1932 or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Fastest Handheld Profile Protection – Speedster

Fastest Handheld Profile Protection

The revolutionary Speedster Profile Protection System The Speedster System allows you to quickly and efficiently protect your aluminium profiles, ensuring your product gets to its destination damage free. Discover real performance, try Speedster today! Reliable alignment with profile ensures rapid film delivery improving output Designed for five popular film widths Stylish and sturdy storage case… Read More

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